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I Am Ready Sex Tonight Does your husband say you need more friends

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Does your husband say you need more friends

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Everyone cultivates different types of relationships with the people around them. Some people maintain huge social circles and keep in moer contact with them all.

Joe and Jane are very much in love, with a relatively stable life and happy marriage. If Jane wants to spend time with her friends, Joe either comes along not an ideal scenario for Jane, who needs to hushand her mofe and connect with people other than Joe to feel Does your husband say you need more friendsor he stays home by himself which he does not enjoy - he wants to be with Jane.

It could be hard telling your spouse they need to seek outside friends.

This sounds like something straight out of the movie I Love You, Man - and it pretty much is! Jealousy and Control The largest - and most common - problem in this kind of situation comes in the form of jealousy, possessiveness, and other attempts at controlling behavior.

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He feels abandoned when you go to spend time with your friends, left behind with no one to connect with…. Coupled with ylu spouse with no friends to speak of, this can be a glimpse at the real roots of both issues.

Jealousy and control are often masks for insecurity, and it may be the very same insecurity that keeps a husband like Joe from making friends, or even feeling confident enough to connect with strangers at all. Insecurity can also be a driving force behind obsessive codependence - that need to be together all the time.

The insecurities could stem from nearly anything, and each person is different, of course.

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They may have given up on forming new connections with people, they may be afraid of opening themselves up to others, or even have painful memories of losing friends or alienating people in the past. All of these things can stack up, and make it very difficult youu form friendships - or even see the need to.

Just like the those days in yur, though, friendships most often form around similar interests. So, the logical step is for your husband to identify his favorite things to do and talk about, and seek out communities related to them.

After searching for a book club, a musical gathering, a cooking class, a pick-up sports group or whatever strikes his fancythe critical part is actually getting out of the house to attend these gatherings…. It might not be easy for him to do, but even facing up the pressure of an unknown social situation can, in hindsight, be a victory that inspires him to carve out his own identity and social scene.

Help him find a group he likes and encourage him to keep going, to interact with people, to be open to the idea of forming friendships. Too much individualism leads to neglect of the relationship, and too much focus on the marriage alone can make one or both members feel stifled and out of touch with their other social and family relationships.

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