Ventura County Damage Restoration

Are you facing a home or business building disaster in Ventura County?  The last thing you should do is face it alone.  Except for the smallest of water, fire, or mold problems you need immediate professional attention to prevent further damage.  Destruction continues long after a flood or fire.  In just a couple of days possessions and building materials that were recoverable can no longer be salvaged.  Major disasters clearly call for professional services, but without the proper expertise even small do-it-yourself projects can pose serious health hazards.  Improper treatments make matters worse, and it’s easy to not recognize conditions that will soon lead to secondary damage that won’t be covered by insurance.  But, no worries, we’re here to help.


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About ServiceMaster Restore ®

We’re ready 24/7 for emergency services at your home or business anywhere in Ventura County, any day of the year.  You may have as little as 24 hours to prevent further damage, so we’ll be there within just a few hours anytime of the day or night.  And we’ll work with your insurance company for the quickest claims processing.

The ServiceMaster Restore ® network has been an industry leader for over 60 years.  We’re proud of our best-of-class processes and advanced equipment providing the full spectrum of damage mitigation and restoration services.  We’re not only IICRC certified, we work with them to set industry-wide standards.

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Eliana?

An independently owned franchise providing a personal touch, Eliana’s has your local experts ready to explain and guide you through the mitigation and restoration process.  Fully licensed and insured, we’re the exclusive ServiceMaster service provider for Ventura County.

Meeting or exceeding all industry standards, our certified water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration specialists receive ongoing education and have a full arsenal of the latest technologies at their disposal.  Our focus is on the long term, with an emphasis on damage mitigation and earning your business.

  • We Are Experts and dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results
  • We Are Committed to our customers and are guided In all we do by their needs.
  • We Are Complete and seek to provide exceptional service and engage in proactive behavior.
  • We Are Driven to pursue the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business.
  • We Are Steadfast and here for the long haul with consistent service that ensures ongoing customer satisfaction.

Water Damage Restoration Ventura County

Even a minor leak can slowly become a major problem.  And when there’s flooding or a sewage backup it’s clear that you need expert water damage restoration services.  We have everything covered — inspection, water removal and extraction, building dry out, and repairs.  And that includes the extreme cleaning and disinfecting necessary after a sewage backup.

Any source of water quickly penetrates to where natural evaporation will take weeks to remove it.  But all that time it’s causing deterioration.  Our water damage services prevent that by using the latest equipment and highly trained technicians to get everything safely dry in a matter of just a few days, preventing added destruction.  And our microbial remediation specialists can take care of any necessary mold remediation and sewage damage cleaning.

Recover from Water Damage

Mold Remediation

Mold is naturally present outdoors in Ventura County… and everywhere.  But when it becomes established indoors it becomes a silent, often hidden, and potentially very dangerous problem.  Even if completely out of sight inside a wall, above ceiling tile, or below flooring it poses health issues ranging from mild allergies to life-threatening conditions.  It also spreads easily, its invisible spores traveling throughout a building on air currents.

For these reasons mold removal should only be performed by licensed professionals.  Our certified technicians will isolate the affected area and then thoroughly remove mold and spores.  ServiceMaster’s mold remediation also follows through with mold abatement via further decontamination and the use of non-toxic mildicides, and and we safely carry away all wastes.

Mold Remediation Services

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is often extensive and emotionally overwhelming.  Besides direct damage to the building you’re likely to also face water damage and extensive smoke damage.  We’re a single Ventura County company with all of the fire damage restoration specialists needed to restore a home or place of business to pre-loss condition.  That includes structural reinforcement, debris removal, emergency pre-cleaning, contents pack out and cleaning, water damage restoration, smoke odor removal, and repairs.

We recognize that homes are filled with valued memories and businesses with valuable records, equipment, and products.  Our experienced and certified technicians have the best training and equipment in order to keep losses to a minimum.  With that assurance you’ll regain a little peace of mind knowing that as much as possible will be saved and restored.

Fire damage Services

Smoke and Odor Removal

Between fire and smoke, smoke is frequently the cause of the most extensive damage.  As a leading smoke cleanup company we’re well aware of the thousands of different compounds it contains, and how they affect different materials.  Discoloration begins in just a few hours and in as little as 3 days stains, corrosion, and odor-compounds have caused permanent harm.

Besides smoke, our odor neutralizing expertise and equipment are also ready to tackle mold, sewage, and other water damage smells.  Our air scrubbers remove scent-carrying particles while our foggers, ozone, and hydroxyl generators produce eco-friendly vapors that penetrate surfaces and through cracks to reach pretty much everywhere.

Smoke and Odor Services

Trauma Scene

Cleaning up after an accident, crime, or unattended death is something you should never have to face yourself.  It’s simply too difficult technically as well as emotionally.

Our licensed trauma scene cleanup experts will take care of all biohazard cleaning and restoration, following all regulations and guidelines.  For blood cleanup and other biohazard cleanup we’re exceptionally thorough in cleaning and disinfection, and always follow Ventura County medical waste transportation and disposal requirements.  Our crime scene cleaning also includes decontamination from exposures such as tear gas.  We’re also experts in hoarding situations.

Our services are discrete and respectful, especially in the situations of crime scene cleanup and suicide cleanup.

Trauma Scene Restoration Services